A day in my life

hello, Myself Arjun from Nepal.

Today I’m sharing what a typical day in my life looks like in japan. I wake up at 6:30 am every morning I put at least 10 😀😅alarms for not to be late in my work. After I wake up I take my Japanese buffet breakfast with a lot of delicious and healthy food.

I’m working for at least 8 to 9 hours in a day. And it’s nice to talk with various customers every day and it also helps to upgrade my communication skill and have a chance to know about Japanese culture more deeply so I like my job so much.

After I finished my work, I go to gym while I don’t do overtime at job. I like to go gym everyday but gym is too far from my room  so I go gym sometimes only. After I eat a dinner, in my room bath is not attached so I goes for big bath as an Japanese culture we have to go naked for a bath I fell shy but I respect and love all culture❤❤ thanks for reading my blog lovely people❤❤